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Refund Policy

We offer a 30-Day money-back guarantee on most purchases. Learn more about our refund policy below.

If you are unhappy for any reason, you may request a refund for most online transactions completed through My Digital Marketing Empire, or its websites, or payment processors, at any time within thirty days of making your purchase.

Not including any bundles, subscriptions, consultations, website or funnel reviews, or any other services.

Suppose you have a subscription plan and decide to discontinue it. In that case, you will not be charged any further monthly subscription membership fees. However, you may lose access immediately or, in some cases, continue to have access through the end of the current subscription period.

Any other purchases, including consulting services, done for you services, custom plans, etc., may be canceled within three calendar days after the purchase date without incurring fees, penalties, interest, or other financial or legal obligations. To have your payment canceled, contact us using the form found on our contact page using the link below.

You must use the same email address used for making the purchase when contacting us for a refund.

Only the account used to make the original purchase will receive credit for any refunds allowed, whether in part or in full. For questions about our refund policy, to request a refund, cancel, or if you have any other questions, please contact us here.

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